Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Batty Over Addition Freebie

We had conferences last night and we have them today. After that, it's time for fall break. Thank God because I am exhausted.

I had most of my conferences last night, so I have a lot of free time to plan today. After break we are going to start learning about spiders and bats.

We are also spending time working on becoming fluent with our addition facts. We will be moving on to subtraction soon, so I want to make sure that my kids are very familiar and comfortable with addition.

Enjoy this little freebie to either use as independent work or to put into your math workstations.

Almost fall break time...counting down the hours..


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Numbers Before Freebie

Part of our day is called Success time. This is when we ability group kids and separate them into as many small groups as we can so that we can hit exactly what those kids need. Our unit this round is number sense. My group struggles with finding the number that comes before another number. I created this game for the kids to do today. 
You can grab it for free here : Number Before Freebie
Hopefully your kids will enjoy using it! 
If you download it, please leave feedback! I'd appreciate it greatly!!

Have a great Wednesday. :)


Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkins and a freebie

We started off our little pumpkin unit today.
I started by having the kids share with their partner what they know about pumpkins and what they wonder about pumpkins. We started filling in our K-W-L chart.

Then the kids went back and started filling in their own KWL chart. Click on the link for a freebie. :)

We will begin some pumpkin writing tomorrow. If you downloaded the freebie I would love it if you would leave feedback and follow my tpt store for more freebies and products!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Starting Again

I'm going to give this blog thing a shot again. I figure I'll start off by telling a little bit about myself:

I am in my third year of teaching first grade. I am a mommy to a wonderful 2 year old little boy- Brookes, and a wife to a wonderful husband- Scott.

I enjoy crafting, cooking, and of course - teaching my little ones.

I love to share teaching resources, so I'll definitely be posting those on here.

To get started...I will post a freebie tomorrow.

I hope you'll become my friend&&follow me!